National Defence Policy Review

In April 2016 the Minister of National Defence launched a consultative process on Canada’s defence policy. He invited Members of Parliament and Senators to host roundtables across the country. As the Policy Assistant to the critic of National Defence I was tasked with organizing the Official Opposition’s consultations and submission to the government.

Between May and September we hosted 54 roundtables and received over 700 online submissions via email and through a website that we set up. From May through August I helped MPs and Senators organize their roundtables across the country. In August and September I coordinated a team of 8 staff and rotating groups of interns to analyze the findings and produce the Official
Opposition’s submission to the government.

Throughout this portfolio you have seen several examples of my work from this project including a briefing note, communications plan, press release, and social media graphics. In this sections you will find an information package that was provided to all attendees of the roundtables and the final submission.